Are you concerned about your child’s speech development?

Are you worried if their communication skills will

be ready for school?

Did you know that some speech errors can be developmentally normal in your child’s speech and they may just grow out of these?

However, did you know that other speech errors can be disordered and they may compromise your child’s speech further and be costly to correct?

Uncorrected speech errors may impact on your child’s ability to read, spell and write.

Our Speech Pathology team can detect “at risk” children with a quick screen assessment. This may prevent lengthy assessments or being on long waiting lists to see a speech pathologist.

Please leave your details and we’ll contact you to book your School Readiness Screen Assessment

At our Once Upon A Time Speech Therapy Centre
we are offering School Readiness Screening Assessments
that can enable you to have your child’s communication skills to be checked by our University qualified Speech Pathologists.
If your child is between the ages of 3-6 years,
we are offering you a 30 minute screening assessment

This is provided to help you reach advice you need by fast tracking you to a qualified Speech Pathology opinion.

The usual professional fee for a comprehensive initial assessment is $240, while our screen assessment enables you to get your answers for a fraction of the cost.


What you will get:
  • You will be given a report of your child’s assessment results at the time of your consultation that can assist you in decisions for their school readiness, their capabilities, strengths and support areas.
  • Your child will be given their own FREE Phonic All Star “learn the 46 speech sounds” laminated A3 sized Wall chart when they attend their assessment.
  • Get your “learn the alphabet” folder guide NOW when you join our FREE family information list where we can give you loads of information about speech development and ideas to help your child. Not to be missed!

Why have a screen assessment?

We give you peace of mind about your child’s speech development

We know some home parent speech and language stimulation programs work if your child does not have a speech disorder but a maturational delay.
How will you know which one your child has?

We let you know if your child needs speech therapy

We help you know if your child actually needs speech therapy assistance or whether they are doing just fine with your help alone. We help to clarify if your child is at risk of falling behind with their speech, language and communication development
We can help you with both – a home program or individual therapy

We identify speech errors as normal or abnormal

Many speech and language errors in your child’s talking may be normal for their developmental age. So there may be no need to worry unnecessarily.
However, it is important to be sure as some errors can be resistant to natural maturation or home therapy support and very difficult and expensive to correct if left too long in your child’s developing brain.

We identify at risk factors for your child’s speech development

We help to identify any at risk factors which may prevent your child to succeed in their early kindergarten and school years with learning, literacy, classroom listening and communication after we get to know them in our screen assessment

Speech Therapy correction before school age is essential

We work with you to provide corrective speech therapy before they reach school age.
If required, we continue to be committed to complete their program through their school years and follow them with support for as long as your child requires this specialist intervention to reach their optimal communication potential.

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